Dr Raphael liquid nose jobs

A Quest for Subtle Beauty

A Quest for Subtle Beauty

Determined to find Dr Raph after a month-long quest, her tenacity had reassuringly paid off. Here she was at last. Our first patient of the day Julia*returned to have her lip filler treatment. It was a case of gentle re-configuration, as originally the treatment had been carried out elsewhere, and, Julia was prepared to wait a few more days to ensure that the dissolving agent did not interfere with the premium Belotero filler now carefully injected by Dr Raph. As with each patient through the day, both new and returning, the Doctor was attuned to sensitivity and nerves. You could feel that trust was implicit and palpable on both sides. Julia experienced light sensitivity (prone to migraines) which meant the procedure was carried out with an inordinate amount of light-fingered and skilful precision. It was akin to watching an artist at work. And the results? Well, perhaps she can tell you herself.

Then we saw Clara, buoyant and full of life, but who also suffered from sleep deprivation which meant she looked a little tired with distracting hollows under her eyes. Well, we can all relate to that. Conscious that in her customer facing profession, a fresh appearance was desired, if not expected, Clara was here for tear trough treatment. Within a short space of time, her eyes had softened and entire face seemed rejuvenated, almost as if she had returned from a restful vacation or was actually getting the sleep she needed! Wonderful.

Kirsty requested cheek augmentation. Nothing dramatic, something more discernible, a little uplifting perhaps. The Artist Doctor listened to her needs, conveyed his treatment plan to ensure the right level of volume and cannula technique sculpting was required, then with the Raphael bespoke signature, set gently to work. As the appointments unfolded, each personal experience had a separate narrative but a unifying desire. Varied lives and aspiration. I asked Julia why she chose to come here? “Subtle beauty. That’s what I’ve been looking for”.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.