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First Day at Dr Raphael Aesthetics

Our Newcastle clinic

The doors are open at last. A beautiful morning heralded the launch of Dr Raphael Aesthetics in Newcastle today. With final preparations quietly underway, a growing sense of excitement burgeoned amongst the team. What would the day bring? Would the clinic run to plan? How would people find us (as our external signage was still in the process of being designed)?

Well find us, they did, and what a day.

Each patient had thought about this for some time. Each person had a story and expectation. Some had travelled far and invariably sought out Dr Raph in keen anticipation of being treated in his first North East clinic. Some had waited months to see him. It was quite a privilege to watch the doctor in action. The clinical experience was also a deeply human one. Emotions over botched procedures (conducted elsewhere) that required redress without apportioning blame, or booked consultations that turned into same day facial rejuvenation once only in the realm of the patients dream, or follow up’s put on hold due to an unexpected illness, were met with a calming presence and attunement.

As an observer, I was moved by the high level of personal care and respect shown to each individual. One lady who could not be treated (due to the medication she was taking) was gently persuaded to wait a couple of weeks. Devastated as she had been looking forward to showing off her results, she relented after a supportive discussion with awareness that Dr Raph had only her best interest at heart. No short cuts taken here. Consultations were conducted with reassurance, empathy and skill. Listening to the questions answered, it brought home the importance of being seen by a medical expert. But more than that. Dr Raph is disarmingly lovely. Not a descriptor I use lightly. In fact, never!

He truly inspires the confidence of his patients who become devoted through his signature style, integrity and results that tend to speak for themselves.

And so, the last patient of an inaugural clinic arrives to Dr Raphael Aesthetics this evening. It happens to be her birthday too. Many happy returns. Now how lovely is that.